Alberdingk Boley in the Modular Fabrication Technology Network MOFA

Modular Production Technology Network MOFA

In regard of quality and flexibility, the Modular Paint Production Technology, called MOFA, has entered a new dimension in the production of paint and coatings. Alberdingk Boley is one of five members of the Modular Production Technology Network MOFA.

In some cases, up to 13 ingredients are required for producing paints and coatings. Thanks to MOFA, they are replaced by multifunctional intermediates,  pigment- and filler slurries and pre-formulations. ‘From the modular paint factory, the varnish producers are gaining the biggest profit. Thanks to the new technology, they can reduce their commodity portfolio and establish a consistent quality in substantially less time. Thereby, they increase the productivity. Paint manufacturers gain more time which they can use for their core competences like marketing their products’, explains Chief Operations Officer Timm Wiegmann the alternative to conventional paint manufacturing. However, there will remain an opportunity for paint manufacturers still using the conventional dissolver technology. ‘But, this means an unused potential of efficiency. If you drive a fast sports car, be honest, you want to use the full range of horsepower, don’t you?’

Find more about it in the MOFA Flyer, by courtesy of our network partner KRONOS TITAN GmbH.