Every year the specialist magazine FARBE UND LACK awards a prize for particularly valuable contributions. This year the prestigious award was given to Jessica Hoffmann from Alberdingk Boley. We are very proud of it!

'Vote now: Which young author has made the most outstanding and most innovative contribution?' Numerous readers followed the appeal by FARBE UND LACK and voted: Half of their votes were included in the evaluation, the further evaluation was carried out by an expert jury. Did you participate? We say thank you to everyone who spoke out for our contribution!

Old oils in new paint, that means the german title 'Alte Öle im neuen Lack', because these oils have been used in colours already in former times. 

Article at FARBE UND LACK 10/2019

In her report, Jessica Hoffmann sheds light on the use of the natural raw materials linseed oil and castor oil in bio-based polyurethane coatings. It explains clearly and in detail how a bio-based proportion of 88% renewable raw materials can be achieved in environmentally friendly binders. In order to take account of the corona pandemic, this year's prize was not awarded at the annual conference as usual, but in a small but festive setting at Mainz.

NB: Save the date! In the December issue of FARBE UND LACK, the award winner reveals even more about the environmentally friendly binders brand ALBERDINGK®.