Bio based lacquers thanks to ALBERDINGK®

Petrochemical raw materials are still standard in the chemical and therefore paint and varnish industry. Especially in the area of binders, however, there are options to change this. Either you look back or you use new production processes.

In retrospect, raw materials from nature have always been found in paints and varnishes: egg yolks, linseed oil, copal resins. Much is certainly no longer available in sufficient quantities or qualities, but there is a great trend to use natural oils again for binder production. Alberdingk Boley has been offering renewable raw materials in binders for a long time. In the Issue Oct./Nov. 2020 of FARBE UND LACK we compare with ALBERDINGK® REN U 4000 and ALBERDINGK® REN U 400 N. The latter, an aliphatic polyester polyurethane dispersion, scores with a solid sum content of around 40% and a share of 58% of renewable raw materials. Our innovation can also be used, for example, in Corona-treated BOPP films. An exciting report on bio-based coatings! 

German report in FARBE UND LACKE, issue 10/11-2020