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Every substrate has different challenges for the coating. Wood, for instance, needs different approaches from metal and its specific surface. In this respect, glass is no different but maybe even more difficult. This conference will shed a light on a part of our industry that can be felt like a niche. Which is a big understatement given the billion dollar market in flat glass coatings alone in 2017. Then there is the hollow glass market for all types of containers: flacons for perfume, vodka bottles or normal glass ware. They all have their own demands and challenges. We will be there, too, in order to present how environmental-friendly Alberdingk® binders help to reach it.

Glass coatings are usually oven stoving systems which require high temperature cure. ALBERDINGK BOLEY has developed a novel high molecular weight polycarbonate polyurethane dispersion which has superior chemical resistance. This low temperature curing coating can be used without any external crosslinker as well as using non isocyanate crosslinkers such as silanes or carbodiimides.
The paper will show the effect of crosslinker type and achievable chemical resistance level and also look into other polymers suitable for special effect coatings.

Gain insight into the latest trends, establish connections and find out more at the European Coatings Glass Forum at RIU Plaza Hotel in Berlin, Germany, from 17 until 18th June, 2019. Register now!