Alberdingk Boley and Dr. Demuth Derisol in TV

Every Tuesday at 7 p.m. Welt der Wunder broadcasts the 'Green Life' series: Global warming, glacier melt, plastic in the oceans - these are the themes of the new serie of 'Welt der Wunder'. Ecological innovations from German-speaking countries are presented at Green Life. Alberdingk Boley was part of the shoot! An exciting story: Our customer, Dr. Demuth Derisol, has developed a one-layer anti-corrosion varnish, which is like 2 in 1, basically primer and top coat in combination. The highlight: This product was developed and certified with a share of renewable raw materials. Certification based on renewable raw materials was made possible by our raw material ALBODUR, an environmentally friendly binder based on castor oil. Dr. Demuth had applied for an innovation award with the newly developed paint, which sparked the curiosity of the editorial team from Welt der Wunder.  For this reason Alberdingk Boley was invited to shoot the film. Thanks for invitation to Dr. Demuth Derisol!