IKOM-Award for Employers of the future Alberdingk Boley

IKOM Award 2018 for Alberdingk Boley © Uli Benz/ TU München

Alberdingk Boley has been honoured as Employers of the future with the IKOM Award 2018 at the Technical University of Munich. We got the Special Environmental Award for our ALBERDINGK® products, i.e. environmental-friendly dispersions based on water instead of solvents. The event took place on 13th June, 2018 at the TUM, the Technical University of Munich.

The 'IKOM Award for Employers of the Future' is Germany's first student-initiated award for employers. The student group IKOM at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) chooses the winners in cooperation with the Bavarian Industry Association vbw and TUM. Franz Josef Pschierer, the Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs, is the honorary patron of the IKOM Awards. 'When looking at potential employers, students are increasingly interested in business ethics and sustainability. But in many cases, companies with a strong sense of corporate responsibility – especially small and medium sized enterprises – go almost unnoticed. To remedy this situation, IKOM, a not-for-profit student initiative to promote contacts between students and companies, established the award. The jury, made up of representatives from the student body, the world of science and research, the business community and the media, applies the following criteria: A focus on values and sustainability, a commitment to Germany as a place for doing business, entrepreneurial continuity and good opportunities for recent graduates to start their careers and move up the ladder', explains Niklas-Alexander Mauß of IKOM.

At the inaugural awards ceremony with 200 guests in attendance, half students, half business people, scientists, politicians and members of society at large, Thomas Hackenberg and Martina Bielen were delighted to receive the award for Alberdingk Boley. 'This prize is only possible because of the highly-motivated people working for Alberdingk Boley. We are proud about the IKOM-Award as employers of the future. It shows us we are on the right way! In fact, we are offering a hughe range of specials to our staff and this has been well-noted. As 'Employers of the future' we are also interesting for the next generation. With the special environmental award, our environmentally friendly polyurethane-dispersions are moving into the focus. We appreciate that very much', confirms Thomas Hackenberg in the interview.

IKOM is the biggest initiative of students in Munich with more than 100 people engaged in it. The organisation is offering a networking platform for students and economy. With our application we could convince against strong competition the jury. Members of jury were Florian Fischer-Fabian, Prof. Dr. Claus Hipp, Prof. Dr. Claudia Peus, Dr. Christof Prechtl, Dr. Markus Wittmann as well as five elected students.

'Alberdingk Boley is an internationally leading producer of waterbased binders. The environmentally friendly binders of Alberdingk Boley refine, refurbish, bind and protect surfaces. In whole Europe, Alberdingk Boley is the only producer of castoroil, refined linseedoil and derivates hereof. As an independent and globally acting medium-sized company, Alberdingk Boley is partner for customers for more than 190 years', it was told to the visitors of the event. What is special about Alberdingk Boley, was shown also in the Company's video.