Workshop Modular Technology for international visitors

Because of the enormous European interest in MOFA, the Workshop Modular Technology will be held in English, too. 

The modular paint factory (MOFA) provides manufacturers of paint, adhesives and pigment paste innovative possibilities of staying competitive. In regard of quality and flexibility, the Modular Paint Production Technology, called MOFA, has entered a new dimension in the production of paint and coatings. Alberdingk Boley is one of five members of the Modular Production Technology Network MOFA. In some cases, up to 13 ingredients are required for producing paints and coatings. Thanks to MOFA, they are replaced by multifunctional intermediates,  pigment- and filler slurries and pre-formulations. More about here.

At the workshop on 27th and 28th May, 2014, the networks partners are presenting this new technology. Additionally, there will be also the opportunity for discussion. One of the highlights is the presentation of the new Micro-MOFA 300. You will see how it works with Mini-MOFA 5, 10 and 300. 

Vivid emotions full of colour: Anna von Mangoldt creates coloured rooms. 

The programme to the workshop you will find here