New partner for Australia and New Zealand: Scott Chemicals

Alberdingk Boley is a leading international manufacturer of water-based binders. Worldwide we are in the market for environmentally friendly polyurethane and acrylate dispersions, as well as for our natural oils. So, it is only consequent to be there where our customers are. We are pleased to announce our new representation for Australia and New Zealand with Scott Chemicals. What makes them special? 'Nearly two decades of experience has taught us there are some fundamental values that we should hold as important', Thom Merakis of Scott Chemicals explains. 'Our operating philosophy is to work to be the best possible interface between customers and principals to facilitate high-quality business. Adding value to the process is what makes us relevant. Our solutions are flexible and tailored to meet your needs. And, of course, local storage facilities means we can meet your supply needs faster. We need to provide quality information to customers and principals to promote focused decision making. We'll do a better job of meeting your needs if we think of the whole picture rather than individual products.'

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