Very good feedback for Go4MT-workshop

It was the very first workshop of Go4MT, especially for customers, which was held at Wesel, Germany, in July. The target was totally clear: To convince producers of varnishes and coatings about the big advantages of the modular production technology.

The new name says it all, Go4MT stands for Go for Modular Technology and is the name of a cooperation community

  • Alberdingk Boley
  • Alpha Calcit
  • BYK
  • HEMMELRATH Technologies
  • ystral

The group consults about all aspects of modular manufacturing of paints and varnishes. Solid and liquid modular raw materials (POWDERMEDIATE®, AQUAMEDIATE®) and BYK additives are covered as well as process technology. The mission of Go4MT: Convincing the industry about the vast potential of modular technology in view of efficiency increases, drastic simplification of production processes, and possibilities of cost savings.

Just inspiring! About the workshop
The workshop focused on modular raw materials and their use in different application fields (wall paints, wood and metal coatings). In addition, more presentations concentrated on cost analysis and cost saving potentials as well as on mixing and dispersing equipment for modular coating production.

30 representatives from the European coating and adhesive industry accepted the invitation of Go4MT and discussed about different perspectives of modular coating manufacturing processes. It was a new start of activities of the modular cooperation community. Getting an extremely positive feedback of the participants, Go4MT will now concentrate on close contacts and cooperation with customers in order to analyze their requirements and to offer modular solutions. Go4MT is planning another workshop for the sales organizations of the cooperation partners allowing the Modular Group to penetrate the market more intensively. Please visit the website of Go4MT.

Would you like to learn more about the modular technology of coatings and varnishes? Please contact Dr. Simon Jonas by email