Showtime! WDR film crew here!

Annette Pöllmann visits Alberdingk Boley in a historic building: Villa Wedekind in Uerdingen, also known to many residents as the "Rheinhorst", also served as a training center for the designer class of Bauhaus teacher Georg Muche in the 1950s. Annette Pöllmann was taught by him and the Bauhaus graduate Elisabeth Kadow. The 93 year old can remember this time very well. Georg Muche conducted the weaving class from 1921 to 1927 in Weimar, and from 1939 to 1958 the master class for textile art in Krefeld. The class was housed on the first floor of the Villa Wedekind, Georg Muche lived there at the time in the tower. The WDR accompanied the former master student during her visit to her former school. Villa Wedekind is owned by Alberdingk Boley, so it came about that we welcomed Annette Pöllmann and the film crew there.

‘It's a bit overwhelming to be back here’ admits Annette Pöllmann. ‘In my mind I see all my fellow students - but I'm alone here.’ A lot of time has passed since the happy study periods. The feeling of freedom, remembers Annette Pöllmann, and the close cohesion of the students. ‘We were a great class, I think Georg Muche felt that. He gave us space to develop. I remember, once he looked over my shoulder as I drew. If you continue like that, he said, you'll be able to draw later.’ She smiles when thinking about that. ‘He did not tell me HOW to do it, you know?’ In the interview she tells us what was so special about Georg Muche. ‘He shaped us, and we felt like Bauhausler back then’ says Pöllmann. ‘And I think we were a very special class for him as well.’ She remembers beautiful moments at Villa Wedekind. ‘Georg Muche liked to celebrate, it was great, we had a great time here.’

Later, the students moved in all directions, one went to Turkey, one to Switzerland, another moved to Canada. Until the end, they stayed in touch with each other, even to their teacher: For his 70th birthday, Muche invited everyone. ‘We came together again, from all parts of the world.’ Just a short time ago, Annette Pöllmann designed a limited edition 'Spiel mit Kreisen' (Circles Game) for Haus der Seidenkultur (House of Silk Culture), "You can buy it there, it works just fine, I heard," she smiles. Until 1998 she was a professor at the Hochschule Niederrhein. The WDR LOKALZEIT about 'Das kleine Bauhaus am Rhein ', you find the german speaking report here. Be sure to look!