The kids of Don Bosco Snehalaya

Alberdingk Boley supports Don Bosco Gujarat

For many years, it has become a fixed part of the oil procurement colleague‘s travel itinerary: Visiting our friends at Don Bosco Snehalaya in Vadodara around the annual Global Castor Conference of the SEA in Gujarat, in order to learn about the status of Father George‘s highly respected work and further projects at the boys' new home.

More and more young, striving adults have successfully entered their independent lives after incredibly helpful years of shelter, protection and education. Whether going for technical jobs, servicing assignments in India/Middle East or even graduating from University - these kids have the chance to develop their independent skillset and individual lives. It is always heartbreaking to visit these kids and every time being there, we recognize more of the boys, seeing them growing up. @Don Bosco staff and likewise the @Don Bosco kids: both, keep on doing you tremendous jobs for creating more futural success stories!