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FARBE UND LACK, Ausgabe 10/201
Das grünere Weiß - Der Einsatz von Rizinusöl als Polyol zur Herstellung von Nawaro-PUDS (POLYURETHANDISPERSIONEN) bzw. zur Herstellung von 2-Octylacrylat für Emuslionspolymere ist etablierte Praxis. Rizinusöl ist ein Nawaro (Nachwachsender Rohstoff) ohne Tank-Teller-Diskussion, welcher unter günstigen klimatischen Bedingungen ohne besonderen Anspruch wächst. Solche Nawaro-Dispersionen erfüllen die Ansprüche an moderne und sogar konservierungsmittelfreie Farben hinsichtlich Leistung und Nachhaltigkeit.

FARBE UND LACK, issue 05-2021
For many users, water-based corrosion protection still seems to be an irresolvable contradiction. And for some applications there is still no solution. But in many areas up to C5, 1K and 2K acrylate binders can already do a good job, emphasizes the specialist magazine FARBE UND LACK in the 05-2021 issue. Read how ALBERDINGK® AC 2403 and ALBERDINGK® AC2420 VP perform in the German product overview.

European Coatings Journal, issue 04-2021
Film formation is the key to corrosion protection. The product overview in the European Coatings Journal, issue 04-2021, shows how environmentally friendly, water-based binders from ALBERDINGK protect against corrosion.

Pitture y vernici, 01/2021 über Alberdingk Italia Srl
Since Jan., 2021, Alberdingk Boley is represented directly in Italy. Alberdingk Italia Srl offers the hugh technical knowhow of us as producer, combined with an excellent service and direct delivery of our products. A big gain for the Italian customers! Pitture y Vernici about the new sales company, issue Jan/Feb., 2021.

Green, greener, bio? ECS 07/08-2020
Petrochemical raw materials are still the standard in the chemical industry and thus also in the paint and coatings industry. However, there are options to change this, especially in the area of binders. Looking back, raw materials from nature have always been used in paints and coatings: egg yolks, linseed oil, copal resins. Many of these are certainly no longer available in sufficient quantities or qualities, but there is a major trend to use natural oils. Alberdingk Boley is using natural oils in environmental-friendly binders for a long time already. Find out more in the article.

Biobased coatings on basis of renewable resources
Why is castor oil the perfect basis for polyols? ALBODUR 1055, why does it fit for sun decks on cruise ships? It is obvious that there is a rising demand for UV-stable polyols based on renewable resourses, confirms Jessica Hoffmann, Product Manager Oleo Chemicals. Find out more in the PU-Magazin, issue Oct. 2019.

Interview with Alberdingk Boley, European Coatings Journal, 02.2019
15 x ECS. Take a look back to the roots and beyond it. Alberdingk Boley about the development of ECS. Interview with European Coatings Journal, 02.2019

PU Magazin August/September 2018: Albodur® 1055
Hydrophobic, VOC-free polyol based on renewable resources for PU systems with superior UV-resistance

FAPU June 2018: Albodur® 1055
Hydrophobic, VOC-free polyol based on renewable resources for PU systems with superior UV-resistance

Extra-Tipp, 17.08.14
The magazin Extra-Tipp presents companies in the local area. About Alberdingk Boley - a colleage of the Technical Marketing talks about his work.

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Vom Abführmittel zum High-Tech-Produkt
26. September - 9. October 2013 | CHEManager

R2 Group will represent the entire product range of water-based dispersions in Scandinavia
For decades already, Alberdingk Boley and R2 Group have been working together in order to sell our edible oils. From now on, R2 Group will also be our representation for dispersions in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The magazin European Coatings informs about our cooperation on 8th October, 2013.

Development and trends in the field of bio-based coatings
04/2013 | European Coatings JOURNAL

Weiße Farbe kann grün sein
19. Juli 2012 | Westdeutsche Zeitung

Growing Global
03.2011 | Freeflow