ALBERDINGK® AC 3600. For interior and exterior applications

Perfect also for trim paints: ALBERDINGK® AC 3600

New. MFFT approx. 0°C. Improved coatings for interior and exterior applications!

ALBERDINGK BOLEY extends its ALBERDINGK® AC 36XX-family with one more product. ALBERDINGK® AC 3600 is a hard, self-crosslinking acrylic dispersionfor low VOC coatings, clear-in-the-can and extremely versatile.

The properties of this innovation are:
- very low MFFT (0°C)
- excellent chemical resistance
- very good wood warming
- good sandability
- weathering resistance
- very long open time / very good levelling
- extremely fast hardness development and excellent blocking resistance
- hard despite its low MFFT

ALBERDINGK® AC 3600 can be used for e.g. industrial furniture coatings with low VOC, trim paints and exterior applications.

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