ALBERDINGK® U 199 and ALBERDINGK® U 216: New. Soft and flexible

ALBERDINGK® U 199 und ALBERDINGK® U 216: New. Free of classification. Soft und improved hydrolysis resistance.

ALBERDINGK BOLEY keeps developing new product versions, also for our long proven products like ALBERDINGK® U 2101. With ALBERDINGK® U 199 und ALBERDINGK® U 216 we offer two very soft, aliphatic polyester-polyurethane dispersions, solventfree with improved water resistance. Both products are free of classification according to GHS regulation und give you an easier rheology control. 

The properties of both products:
- improved hydrolysis resistance
- improved washability on textiles
- better and easier rheology control
- noticeably softer grip

ALBERDINGK® U 199 und ALBERDINGK® U 216 can be used for very soft and flexible coating systems, for instance on leather, artificial leather and textiles as well as for water proofing membranes for roof coatings.

ALBERDINGK® U 199 can also be used as binder for softfeel wall paints and plastics coatings.

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