ALBODUR® 904: A VOC-free polyol based on renewable resources

ALBERDINGK BOLEY consequently expands its product range of 100 % PU-Polyols on basis of renewable resources. As a main feature, the new polyol ALBODUR® 904 offers extremely high elongation values also at low temperatures while maintaining its decent tensile strength.

Thanks to the low glass transition temperature, it is even possible to achieve an elongation at break of approx. 400% and a tensile strength of 15 N/mm² at a temperature of –20°C.

By crosslinking with an appropriate aromatic polyisocyanate, PU-coatings and adhesives with outstanding crack-bridging properties can be formulated. These can be used especially for car park deck coatings, sealings or cold temperatures flooring solutions.

In line with our product philosophy, ALBODUR® 904 is hydrophobic polyol with low viscosity and offers good deaeration and workability properties.

For further information, sample request or formulation proposals please contact our Technical Marketing.

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