ALBERDINGK® AC 3630. Almost as clear as water

Almost as clear as water

ALBERDINGK® AC 3630, our latest product innovation, was launched at the EUROCOAT 2013. There is a big interest in the translucent, self-cross linking dispersion. We developed this product to fulfill the demands of modern industrial furniture finishing. 

The Highlights: 

  •  extremely fast drying
  • very high blocking resistance
  • excellent chemical resistance
  • very high stain resistance
  • very good and early sandability

The dispersion offers high in-can-clarity and excellent wood warming on all kinds of wooden substrates. Therefore, it can be utilized in numerous coating systems - both transparent and pigmented - which need to fulfill very high demands in resistance properties. 


ALBERDINGK® AC 3630 is an extremely versatile product. It features a multiphase polymer design that guarantees a high surface hardness as well as scratch resistance at a very low MFFT of only approx. 25°C. 
 Besides its special stabilization technology, that allows matt finishes without compromising the stain resistance properties, ALBERDINGK® AC 3630 is compatible with ALBERDINGK polyurethane dispersions (e.g. furniture and parquet varnishes) and ALBERDINGK UV-curing dispersions (e.g. furniture coatings).