ALBERDINGK® U 7800 for low emission hardwood floor finishes

For low emission hard wood finishes:

Thanks to its low amine content (< 1%), this waterbased polyurethane dispersion perfectly fits into the application of so called “low emission” hardwood floor finishes.

Besides its high in-can-clarity, the dispersion exhibits an outstanding abrasion resistance as well as a good chemical resistance - the coating has been exposed to water, red wine and coffee for more than sixteen hours showing superior results. 

Due to its very good adhesion properties on difficult substrates and a very good wood warming, ALBERDINGK®  U 7800 can be applied on any kind of woods. Based on the specific polymeric design, ALBERDINGK® U 7800 can be used in 1K as well as in 2K-lacquers.

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