New! Castor Oil Low Acid Quality

Renewable Resource: ALBERDINGK® Castor Oil Low Acid 0.2

Alberdingk Boley expands its product range in the field of renewable resource based binders. Thanks to its unique and vast tradition in the field of vegetable oils, the Krefeld-based company is fully committed to continuously broaden the range of modified Castor Oils offering value added properties. The latest product innovation is based on a technical Castor Oil backbone which has been modified in order to significantly reduce the acid content of the binder.

By completion of this project, Alberdingk Boley complements its technology platform of modified Castor Oil products in combination to ALBERDINGK Castor Oil Low Acid 0.7 (Acid Value max. 0.7), which has been a successful problem-solver for many years.

Which positive effects Castor Oil Low Acid 0.2 gains?
Thanks to the further modification of the acid value, it is possible to significantly reduce any – potentially undesirable – side reactions during curing phase of polyurethane systems. One major feature of this binder is a significantly enhanced pot life time in PU systems.

In which grade enhanced pot life time is possible thanks to Castor Oil Low Acid 0.2?
Both, at room temperature and in environments with higher temperatures like 35°C and high rel. air humidity of 85%, it is possible to enhance the pot life compared to standard Castor Oil grades up to almost double pot life.

Is there really a positive effect on CO2-formation?
Yes, that's true. Another positive effect is the reduction of CO2 formation if the oil is being used as a resin component.

Major field of applications are e.g. PU adhesive systems, coatings and elastomeric applications.

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