How green can white be? ALBERDINGK® CUR 77 for renewable resource based wall paints

Live! Our presentation about wall-paints, based on renewable resources

Interior wall paints are by far the biggest type of product in the paint and coatings world. The statistics of the German magazin 'Farbe & Lack' states a production volume for interior wall paints in Germany only in Q3 2010 added up for more than 160.000 mt. If there is an aim to protect resources and improve sustainability, it makes sense to take a look into the neglected sector of interior wall paints.  

Today, interior emulsion paints are mainly based on three polymer types: Vinylacetate-Ethylene Copolymers (VAE), styrene acrylics (AS) and pure acrylics (AC). The MFFT of dispersions used in this area is typically 0-5°C – which is the MFFT range where no coalescents need to be used. VAE Copolymers are the most common types these days thanks to their price/performance ratio on one hand and the hydroplastification effect on the other hand. The hydroplastification is caused by the stabilisation system which is based on a protective colloid (see polymer characteristics). Furthermore, VAE’s are popular due to the very low odour of the polymer. This fact is important for the consumers.

Renewable resources  

Consumers wish to protect and preserve our resources as well as continuously increasing crude oil prices puts more and more pressure on renewable resource based developments. Politicians create incentives to move away from fossil raw materials, fuels and energy in order to reduce the carbondioxide emissions. This is an extremely important topic which one can see by checking the “climate goals” of the European Union. Also, consumers do care more about sustainability matters. We are proud to present our latest product innovation, ALBERDINGK® CUR 77 which we developped especially for wall paints which should be renewable resource based. To find our more, please click here.

Or see our live presentation by Markus Dimmers, Head of Technical Marketing Dispersions. Special thanks to Vincentz Verlag. Please click here.

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