Christmas in India: Alberdingk Boley donates 15000 EUR for street children in India

Alberdingk Boley donates 15000 EUR for Indian Street Children at Don Bosco Vadodara, Gujarat

Social Responsibility. We say ‘Thank you’ to India. 

Social Responsibility means more than an abstract concept for Alberdingk Boley. We are supporting local projects and, as a globally acting company, we have just started to support a charity project in India. For several decades now, we are importing castor oil from India. Our most important suppliers are situated in the Indian State Gujarat.

A perspective for street children in India. 

According to the Indian government, more than 18 million street children are living in India. Have you ever heard about the movie ‚Slumdog Millionaire’? It shows very realistic the life of Indian street children and how they are brutally forced to beg. In the church institution of the Salesians, Don Bosco Snehalaya at Vadodara, Indian street children find a new home. Timm Wiegmann, CEO of Alberdingk Boley, was there for a visit. The happy faces of the kids on the picture do not show their own sad history which drove them to live on the street. Most of them fled because of domestic violence, abuse or extreme poverty. Totally being on their own they lived on public places, uncultivated land or on the street. The daily fight for survival could only be won by begging or collecting refuse. The Don Bosco Mission Snehalaya offers not only a roof over their heads, health care and eating, but also a real perspective for a better future. Here, they get training and education and a structure for their live. The mission works together with a network of social workers and volunteers acting at the stations and transport hubs. A child help line and shelter points are included, and also the police or taxi drivers are bringing homeless children to the mission house of Don Bosco. In 2013, Alberdingk Boley supported Don Bosco at Vadodara, Gujarat, with a first donation assigned for certain purposes. When he visited the Don Bosco mission at Vadodara, Timm Wiegmann could see how the money was used for. More than 70 beds got mattresses. So far, the children slept in wooden beds with no mattress. The rest of the donation was used for medical care, nutrition, the out counters of the mission, for education and the daily life. 'For both of us, it was the beginning of a longterm cooperation which is determined to help as much children as possible to get a real perspective for a better life', so Timm Wiegmann in the interview. By end of 2017, there are 107 children who are living in the mission at Vadodara. 'Also in 2017, we donate additional 15000 EUR instead of sending christmas gifts to our customers. We think the money is needed here.' Father George Miranda confirms. 'This is help which comes to its final destination by 100 %.' The picture shows Timm Wiegmann with Father George of Don Bosco Mission Snehalaya Vadodara during the donation ceremony.

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