Award for TOP JOB-employer Alberdingk Boley

Source: TOP JOB

'Alberdingk Boley is one of the best employers between middlesized companies', says Wolfgang Clement, the former Federal Minister of Economics when giving the Award to Alberdingk Boley at Berlin in February, 2017. The prize perfectly fits to the future vision of the company: 'We are consequently following our expansion strategy which is fixed for the next 15 years. That means, we are always looking for so-called Young Professionals and other specialists', explains Martina Bielen, responsible for Corporate Communication. 

In order to stay successfull and to achieve further growth, employees are encouraged to make suggestions to set free additional potentials for re-investing it. The secret of success? 'A high appreciation of the people working with us is one of our principals', answers Thomas Hackenberg, member of the Board of Directors. An example from practise? 'In order to simplify combining family with working, we are offering parttime jobs to mothers and fathers after their break for parents time. For our staff in the production who are working in different shifts, we are offering plans with shift-times one year in advance, so that they know exactly when they can plan their private life and free week-ends. We have special offers with inhouse courses with sports, massage and nonsmoker-workshops or courses for  healthy nutrition. We get also a positive reaction to our project 'Ask the boss!' This is a dinner with the management in a relaxed atmosphere. It is like a plattform for open-minded discussions and space for creative ideas. For us it is really a pleasure to see that our employees are happy to work here. A lot of our staff has been working at Alberdingk Boley for decades already', explains Thomas Hackenberg. 'Also older colleagues are considered. If they want to shorten their professional life, we are looking for possibilities together with them.' Thinking in generations, a further aspect which makes us successfull.

TOP JOB: The comparison of companies

For the action competition of 'TOP JOB', 102 companies applied. 80 of them are allowed to use the TOP JOB Award for 2 years. 13.334 Employees took part at the survey. Around 33 per cent of them are working in family-owned companies. Under the elected TOP JOB-employers, there are 26 national und 7 world market leaders. The survey has been organized by zeag GmbH. Scientific management has been lead by Prof. Dr. Heike Bruch, University St. Gallen. Mentor of the project is the former Federal Minister of Economics of Germany, Wolfgang Clement.