Brings the desert to the world: ALBERDINGK® U 475

Sand of the desert fixed with ALBERDINGK® U 475

Ready for transport: The decrustates will be exhibited soon word-wide

To the oldest desert of the world with 4 drums of ALBERDINGK® U 475 in the SUV! For the art project DECRUSTATE,  Anneli Ketterer and Alex Dzierzon started a trip to the desert Namib. They managed it to create a mobile atelier there, which sounds much easier as it was, in fact. It was heavily windy, but at the end it worked. With a lot of efforts and time, big sandy and harder surfaces of the desert could be fixed, using our environmental-friendly adhesive binders in the special technical way developed by the artist, Anneli Ketterer. 

5 x 5 metres big earth pieces in big rolls are heavy and cannot be handled very easily, but where there is a will, there is a way! In future, the decrustates can be admired in exhibitions worldwide. The project wants to sensibilize for more respect for the environment on earth. Alberdingk Boley supports the art project DECRUSTATE. About her intention and how she is getting and fixing the earth objects, please see Anneli Ketterer in the video