Code of Conduct: For more mindfulness in cooperation

Corruption has many faces. With our code of ethics we define our guidelines on the subject of 'compliance'.

What do we need guidelines for? Sometimes there is not only black or white, but also gray zones. For this reason, we need firm guidelines, according to which everyone in the company acts. So that we all continue to pull together and everyone knows how to behave in unclear situations.

What does the Code of Conduct describe?
This code describes how to deal with inappropriate behavior in connection with employees, the competition, suppliers, customers, interested parties and business partners. This is about property, including intellectual property, conflicts of interest and information. We define our values: We are honest and authentic and behave seriously and fairly. We manufacture environmentally friendly products and think and act sustainably. With our code of ethics we record what we live from a long company history and what we prove anew every day.

All our employees have access to this special guide. If you are interested in reading it, please let us knoy by writing us an email to info(at)