Alberdingk Resins (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. is TOP TEN Supplier!

Alberdingk Resins (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. was just elected as one of the TOP 10-Multinational Company coatings raw material supplier in China. 'This ranking demonstrates our strong foundation with Chinese customers and good brand...

Brings the desert to the world: ALBERDINGK® U 475

With 4 drums ALBERDINGK® U 475 started the trip to the desert Namib. Our environmental-friendly adhesive binders fits perfectly, even for really extraordinary usage!

Alberdingk Boley at LinkedIn

Social Media and its several views: Alberdingk Boley has a new channel at LinkedIn. Come in and follow us at LinkedIn!

From trainees to trainees

Let's take a look behind the curtain at Follmann Chemie!

NeoTech. The address for our dispersions in the United Kingdom

We are there, where our customers are. NeoTech represents Alberdingk Boley in the United Kingdom

Alberdingk Boley is growing

400 people worldwide and still job vacancies

Namasté India!

Krishna Enterprise is our new representation for India in the market of water based dispersions

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