ALBERDINGK® U 199 and ALBERDINGK® U 216: New. Soft and flexible

With ALBERDINGK® U 199 und ALBERDINGK® U 216 we offer two very soft, aliphatic polyester-polyurethane dispersions, solventfree with improved water resistance.

ALBERDINGK® AC 3600: For interior and exterior application

ALBERDINGK® AC 3600: New. MFT approx. 0°C. Improved coatins for interior and exterior application

ALBERDINGK Castor Oil grade with low acid value

New. Castor Oil with low acid value. For PU adhesive systems, coatings and elastomeric applications.

ALBERDINGK AC 3660. AC 3630 and AC 3635

New. Transparent. New transparent acrylics for enhanced surface coatings.


Innovative. Soft as velvet. For luxury goods and packages. Wooden floor super-matt with a natural look-alike.

ALBERDINGK® AS 2084: For wall paints free of preserving agents.

Harmless for food stuffs. Wall paints on basis of ALBERDINGK® AS 2084 get a wet abrasion level of 2. The Alberdingker reports about our latest innovation.

ALBODUR® 904: a VOC-free Polyole based on renewable resources

For elastic PU-coatings even at ice-cold temperatures. Our new Polyol ALBODUR® 904 can be used especially for car park deck coatings, sealings or other flooring solutions.

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