For ultra scratch resistant hard coatings: ALBERDINGK® LUX 220

Brandnew, with a broad compatibility: Due to the polymer design of ALBERDINGK® LUX 220, it is possible to produce ultra scratch resistant hard coatings on many kind of substrates like wood, plastics, PVC, etc.

ALBERDINGK® AC 3630. Almost as clear as water.

The latest issue of THE ALBERDINGKER informs about our brandnew product innovation: ALBERDINGK® AC 3630 fits to every coating you can think of! The translucent, self-cross linking dispersion was developed to fulfill the demands...

THE ALBERDINGKER about ALBERDINGK® U 7800 for low emission hardwood floor finishes

In order to meet the requirements of the AgBB evaluation scheme, Alberdingk Boley has developed the water-based polyurethane dispersion ALBERDINGK® U 7800.

Simply the best, ALBERDINGK® AC 2403 for metal treatment and multiple applications far beyond!

Our newsflash informs you about our latest product innovation AC 2403, an anticorrosive coating that fits to every substrate, and the modular fabrication technology network MOFA. Here you get the actual version.

Registration for our newsflash "THE ALBERDINGKER"

Our newsflash keeps you informed. About what is going on in our company. And, of course, about our product innovations. Here you can register to get it in future.

Live from our booth at the European Coatings Show: "THE ALBERDINGKER" informs

Our newsflash informs you about our product innovations. And about our booth on the European Coatings Show. Here you get the actual version.

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