Perfect for perfume bottles, metal, plastics and wood: ALBERDINGK® U 9000


Alberdingk Boley is proud to announce the release of it’s latest polyurethane dispersion.

ALBERDINGK® U 9000 is a very hard, aliphatic polyurethane dispersion with extreme chemical resistance. Thanks to it’s polycarbonate backbone, ALBERDINGK® U 9000 withstands attacks from solvents, stains, base and oils.

The polymer is designed for improved reactivity with non-isocyanate crosslinkers such as silanes (e.g. CoatOSil® MP 200*) and carbodiimides.

Combinations of ALBERDINGK® U 9000 and CoatOSil® MP 200 are the ideal choice for low temperature cure glass coatings with very high chemical resistance (perfume bottles, etc.).

Furthermore, ALBERDINGK® U 9000 is highly recommended for coatings on metal, plastics (e.g. vinyl flooring) and wood.

Due to the process solvent contained in ALBERDINGK® U 9000, the product is currently available only inside the EU.

More information on U 9000 can be found in the product information sheet.



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*CoatOSil® MP 200 is a product from Momentive Performance Materials