Waterbased OH-functional Dispersions

Product name

ALBERDINGK® Hydroxy-functional Acrylic Dispersions

AC 31 For single- and two-pack lacquers, weather resistant, very good stain resistance in clear and pigmented coatings
AC 2592 Extremely soft resin, TG = -35 °C, for softfeel coatings or as plasticiser for hard acrylics (e.g. Alberdingk® AC 27401)
AC 2594 Excellent adhesion to difficult substrates (e.g. glass, ceramic tiles and mineral substrates)
AC 2597 Excellent chemical resistance, very fast drying, suitable for medium hard coatings
AC 2598 Very hard polymer, very fast drying, highly suitable for two-pack-plastics and furniture coatings
AC 2713* Suitable for very high stain resistant coatings with very long pot life
AC 27401 Superior chemical resistance, easy-to-clean surface, hot tire resistant

ALBERDINGK® Solvent-free Polyurethane Dispersions

U 7500* Medium hard PU-dispersion, high coefficient of friction (CoF) and chemical resistance, very compatible with NCO`s, long open time with quick hardness development at the same time ("snap-drying")
U 9150 Parquet varnishes with very high hardness and superior abrasion resistance, high in-can-clarity
U 9800 Hard PU-dispersion, superior chemical resistance, good hot water resistance, suitable for vinyl flooring