Water-based Polymer Dispersions
for architectural paints, coatings and plasters

Product name

ALBERDINGK® Acrylic Copolymer Dispersions

AC 548 Universal binder, mainly used in mosaic plasters
AC 2003 Universal binder with superior early water resistance, low surface tack
AC 2019 For high-quality synthetic resin plasters and exterior paints
AC 2025 Self-crosslinking, multiphase acrylate dispersion for easy-to-clean indoor paints, very good blocking resistance and chemical resistance
AC 2077* For high quality exterior paints, wet adhesion promoted, exellent colour stability
AC 2403 Self-crosslinking, multiphase dispersion with superior water barrier, excellent adhesion properties and superior corrosion resistance, very low MFFT and good blocking resistance
AC 2523 For gloss paint systems, self-crosslinking, very good water resistance, good blocking resistance
AC 3600 For stains, varnishes and enamels with good weathering resistance, very long open time, excellent flow and levelling
AC 3626* Hand fat resistant, optimized for best flow and levelling in professional enamels, long open time
AC 3660 Excellent wood warming and transparency, very hard, blocking resistant, high chemical resistance, very good hot tire resistant
AC 2007 For weather protection paints on multiple substrates, house and facade paints
AC 2008* For exterior paints and plasters, especially for use under critical conditions in combination with ALBERDINGK® ALBOrapid 22
AC 2360 For economic wood coatings (also pigmented) with low VOC-content, suitable to formulate paints and varnishes
AC 2736* For solvent-free varnishes and stains with very good wet adhesion, high chemical resistance and outstanding weathering resistance
AC 5401 Particularly suitable for blocking resistant indoor coatings, wood coatings and impregnation
H 735* Especially suitable for solvent-free deep priming with very good intercoat adhesion on mineral substrates such as plaster, masonry, gypsum and others

ALBERDINGK® Acrylic Styrene Copolymer Dispersions

H 595 Low particle size, solvent-free primer
AS 2040 For flexible sealants and screeds, very good cement- and bitumen-compatibility
AS 2065 Very well compatible with cement and mortar, can be used for building emulsion, putties, grouts, screeds, bonding layers, slurries, ceramic tile adhesives, industrial floors, modification of cement and mortar
AS 2084 Suitable for interior paints without preservatives
AS 6004* Suitable for interior paints with low emissions and low odour
AS 6800 Low VOC silicate coatings, low odour

ALBERDINGK® Styrene Acrylic Copolymer Dispersions

SC 4400 Universal binder, for flat and gloss paint systems
SC 48 Universal binder, superior corrosion resistance

ALBERDINGK® Vinylacetate Copolymer Dispersions

VA 294 Universal binder, mainly used in coloured systems
VVD 244 Universal binder, for flat and gloss paint systems

ALBERDINGK® Specialities

ALBOlink CD 20* Crosslinker for all kinds of waterbased polymers (acrylic, polyurethane and urethanecopolymer dispersions)
ALBOrapid 22* Additive for accelerating the drying of coatings under marginal conditions (low temperature/high humidity)
AFU 850 Amine free, universal PUD, excellent adhesion, hardness and chemical resistance
U 228* For flat-roof coatings and paints
UC 150 For economic wood coatings (also pigmented) with very low VOC-content for e.g. varnishes, glazes and concrete flooring