VOC-free 100% Polyols and Dispersions
for two-pack applications

Increasing interest in the use of renewable resources, political guidelines and last but not least health care issues make it necessary to start thinking outside the box in many construction preservation applications – and exactly this is the starting point for ALBERDINGK BOLEY with its ALBODUR® products that are based on renewable resources. These VOC-free 100% systems were developed for a wide field of applications in the world of constructional coatings.
The ALBODUR® product range is characterized by its low viscosity as well as by its extremely hydrophobic properties. The formulator of the coating receives a system with a maximum degree of freedom in terms of formulation opportunities and is therefore able to vary the properties as well as the total costs of the final product – just depending on the requirements. And even the formulator benefits from the properties of ALBODUR® since the coatings are easy-to-use due to their viscosity and hydrophobicity.
The range of application fields is wide and heterogeneous. It includes general industrial floorings, sports floorings and decorative or medical-pharmaceutical floor coatings. Except of that, the ALBODUR® polyols are being successfully used in 2-pack adhesive applications as well as in corrosion protection or constructional waterproofing.

With the ALBODUR® products, the formulator is able to realise a huge variety of surface adjustments – it is possible to adjust any properties desired beginning from elastic coatings up to extremely hard surfaces. Even the substitution of epoxy resins by polyurethane is possible and profitable - because of the clear advantages of our ALBODUR® PU-systems in terms of costs as well as in terms of technological features such as the superior impact strengths.

Our OH-functional acrylate dispersions for sealing applications or adjustment of the final surface properties complete our product range of construction chemicals. These water-based dispersions can be used in softfeel-coatings or top coats and sealings for industrial flooring applications due to their excellent chemical resistances.

To cut a long story short, ALBERDINGK BOLEY is a full-service provider in the field of constructional protection with outstanding technological knowledge who is able to create a benefit for the customer by offering tailor-made package solutions – please do not hesitate to challenge us!