Water-based Polyurethane and Acrylate Dispersions
for pressure sensitive adhesives and film coatings

Product name Permanent Labels Removable Labels Paper, Envelopes etc. Double Sided Tapes Masking Tapes Protective Film Adhesives Additive for Increased Cohesion Heat Activated Adhesives Tackifier Emulsion Automotive Adhesives Primer Flock Adhesives Flexible Sealing Film Coatings Coating Wax for Sausages / Cheese Coatings

ALBERDINGK® Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

AC 75011* x x
AC 75013 x x
AC 75022 x x x x x
AC 75032 x x
AC 75063 x x x
AC 75066 x x x x
AC 75070 x x x
AC 75132 x
AC 75222 x x x x
AC 75241 x x x x

ALBERDINGK® Additives for Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

AC 2511 x
AC 5503 x

ALBERDINGK® Heat Activating Adhesives

AC 4600* x x
AC 548 x x
AC 5503 x
U 216* x
U 3251 x x
U 400 N x x
U 4101 x x


U 4000 x
U 4040* x

ALBERDINGK® Speciality Products

AC 2570 x
AC 3640* x
AC 75874 x
AS 2040 x
VA 7500 x

ALBERDINGK® Aliphatic Inherent Matt Polyurethanes

PUR MATT 300* x
PUR MATT 340* x
PUR MATT 970* x

x = recommended
• = possible