Linseed Oil and Castor Oil

Product name


Crude LO Low PAT value
Refined LO Low acid, low odour and light colour quality for technical applications
Refined LO Winterized Like refined LO but stays clear at lower temperatures
Refined LO Winterized HQ Like refined LO Winterized for high end applications
Pale Refined LO Extra bleached for lighter colour applications

ALBERDINGK® Linseed Oil Derivatives

Double Boiled LO Siccative added, slightly polymerized, very good drying properties
LO Stand Oil from 50-55 to 600 dPa s Good flow, gloss, water and weather resistance, pigment wetting
Blown Refined LO 3 and 30 dPa s Quick drying, excellent gloss and water resistance


CO First Special Grade Standard quality for all technical applications
CO DIN Quality/Pale Pressed Technical quality for lighter colour systems
CO Low Acid 0.2 Very long pot life time in two pack PU systems
CO Low Acid 0.7 Long pot life time in two pack PU systems
Albodry CO PU-Quality Very low moisture, very low CO2-formation in PU systems
Albodry CO Low Moisture 1500 Partially reduced moisture, less CO2-formation in PU systems
Pharm. CO Virgin Ph. Eur. For sensitive applications with a high demand for purity
Pharm. Refined CO DAB/Ph. Eur. Highest purity and lightest colour

ALBERDINGK® Castor Oil Derivatives

Blown CO from 17 to 90 dPa s For lubricants, plasticizer in coatings
Dehydrated CO (DCO) (dehydrated) Non-yellowing, air-drying, increases gloss, flexibility and adhesion
CO PD (partially dehydrated) Polyol for soft and flexible PU resins
HCO 52 (Hydrogenated CO), Flakes and Powder Standard quality for general technical purposes
HCO Flakes 81 (Hydrogenated CO) Light colour quality for high end applications, Nickel content < 1 ppm
HCO Flakes 82 (Hydrogenated CO) Light colour and acid value quality for high end applications
12-HSA 52 (Hydroxystearic Acid), Flakes and Powder Light colour quality for general technical applications
12-HSA Flakes 81 (Hydroxystearic Acid) Light colour quality for high end applications

ALBERDINGK® Specialty Products

Albolith MS C 350 Molecular Sieve Paste Low viscous, not sedimenting, pot life stable desiccant
Albothix 82-32 Thixotropic Agent HCO based thixotropic thickener for low and medium polar systems

ALBERDINGK® Oilpolymers

ALBERDINGK® OP 100 100% solids urethane modified oil polymer based on linseed oil
ALBERDINGK® OP 105 100% solids, solvent-free reactive diluent based on linseed oil