Solvent-free UV-curable Dispersions
for surface coatings

Product name

ALBERDINGK® UV-Curable Polyester/Polyurethane Dispersions

LUX 220 Outstanding chemical and stain resistance in transparent and pigmented systems, strong physically drying and scratch resistance before UV-curing
LUX 250 Universal UV-dispersion, high scratch resistance, short flash-off time, low rise of wood fibres, good adhesion to plastics, hardelastic, water washable before UV-curing
LUX 255 Universal UV-dispersion for transparent and pigmented coatings, short flash-off time, very good scratch- and chemical resistance, high gloss, hardelastic
LUX 260 Excellent wood warming, film transparency and gloss values, high scratch resistance, high chemical resistance, water washable prior to UV-cure

ALBERDINGK® UV-Curable Polyurethane/Acrylic Copolymer Dispersions

LUX 286 For transparent and pigmented coatings with high chemical resistance, very good adhesion to general plastics, good adhesion to melamine surfaces
LUX 290* Optimized for long shelf life in formulations, easy to formulate, excellent mechanical properties
LUX 399 Very good wood warming, good reemulsifiability before UV-curing, high blocking resistance, good sandability, good adhesion to different plastics, short flash-off time, high film filling
LUX 481 Very good chemical resistance in transparent and pigmented systems, good adhesion to plastics and 100% UV-systems, higher UV-reactivity than Alberdingk® LUX 286
LUX 482 Very good chemical resistance in transparent and pigmented systems, high film filling, good adhesion, barrier effect against wood ingredients
LUX 484 Very good sandability and adhesion to different substrates, good pore wetting, very hard film prior to UV-cure, high in-can-clarity, hardelastic