VOC-free 100% Polyols and Dispersions
for two-pack applications

Product name

Castor Oil-based Polyols for Aromatic Systems

Albodur® 901 For elastic floor coatings (e.g. sport flooring)
Albodur® 903 For elastic coatings with high flexibility even at low temperature (e.g. crack-bridging membrane, refrigerated warehouse floorings, joints and industrial roofing)
Albodur® 912 For general industrial floorings, 2pack adhesives, primer for difficult substrates, easy to formulate
Albodur® 918 Speciality Polyol with extended pot life and workability for application temperature over 40°C, for medium hard coatings with good chemical resistance.
Albodur® 921 Outstanding pigment wetting properties, medium hard resin for general industrial floorings and car park decks wear coats, easy to formulate
Albodur® 942 Epoxy alike surface hardness and chemical resistance, for general industrial floorings, versatile usage for aromatic and aliphatic curing systems

Albodur Specialities

Albodur® 102 Di-functional hydrophobic for 1- and 2-pack adhesives, suitable for pre-polymers and elastomers
Albodur® 110 Monofunctional hydrophobic plasticizer replacement for coatings, adhesives and elastomers

Castor Oil-based Polyols for Aliphatic Systems

Albodur® 942 Universal usage for MDI- and HDI-curing floor systems, combined with HDI: suitable for soft decorative floor coatings (e.g. balcony, terrace, sealers), very good rollability
Albodur® 956 Hard Polyol with high reactivity and functionality for decorative floor coatings as well as transparent and pigmented sealers
Albodur® 965 For soft decorative comfort floor coatings (e.g. balcony, terrace and sealers), very compatible with various isocyanates
Albodur® 1055 Especially suitable for transparent coatings and UV-light resistant decorative floorings with good chemical resistance

Hydroxy-functional Acrylate Dispersions

AC 2592 To be crosslinked with polyisocyanates, blocked isocyanates and melamine resins, crosslinked films are extremely flexible and chemical resistant
AC 2594 To be crosslinked with polyisocyanates, blocked isocyanates and melamine resins, crosslinked films are very hydrophobic and extremely chemical resistant
AC 2713 Suitable for very high stain resistant coatings with very long pot life
AC 27401 Crosslinked (e.g. with a polyisocyanate) provides outstanding chemical resistances, designed for substrates like wood, plastic, metal and concrete
AC 3699* Hard, multiphase OH-functional acrylic dispersion

Polyurethane Dispersions

U 7500 For high quality 1K- and 2K- lacquers for flooring
U 9150 For two-pack flooring varnishes with very high hardness and superior abrasion resistance, high in-can-clarity