Water-based Polyurethane and Acrylate Dispersions
for textile and leather coatings

Product name

ALBERDINGK® Aliphatic Polyurethane Dispersions

U 180* High solid PUD, extremely compatible with flame retardants, very soft
U 199* High solid PUD, very soft film, high elongation, label-free version of Alberdingk® U 2101
U 205 PUD with high elongation and good hydrolysis-resistance
U 216* High solid PUD, soft film, good hydrolysis-resistance, free of classification
U 228* High solid PUD, superior hydrolysis resistance
U 3251 Universal PUD with high gloss and excellent Ballyflex-resistance, favoured for transfer- / release coatings
U 3700* Superior hydrolysis-resistance, especially suitable for car-interior leather coatings
U 400 N Excellent hydrolysis-resistance, for artificial leather and pigment printing
U 475 More flexible version of Alberdingk® U 5201, Polyester-PUD with very good hydrolysis resistance, for high quality topcoats
U 4000* Hydrolysis resistant PUD with extremely good adhesion properties
U 4101 PUD with tacky film, very good adhesion to different substrates, as adhesion promoter for laminations
U 5201 Polyester-PUD with very good hydrolysis-resistance for high quality topcoats
U 6150 Good weathering- and aging-resistance, high gloss
U 6800* Very good adhesion to lots of subtrates, good weathering- and aging-resistance, high gloss
U 8001 For coatings and stiffenings, very good compatible with different flame-retardant additives

ALBERDINGK® Aliphatic inherent matt Polyurethanes

PUR MATT 300* Softfeel, inherent matt PUD with excellent flexibility
PUR MATT 970* Hard, inherent matt PUD with excellent chemical resistance

ALBERDINGK® Acrylat-Copolymer Dispersions

AC 2523 Multiphase acrylic, selfcrosslinking, good blocking resistance and wet adhesion, high gloss
AC 2592 OH-functional acrylic, very good adhesion to hydrophobic leather (after 4 – 8 days aging), OH-value 73 mg/KOH/g on solids, Tg = -35 °C
AC 2714* Universal multiphase acrylic, selfcrosslinking, excellent chemical resistance
AC 2736* Multiphase acrylic, selfcrosslinking, good blocking resistance, high gloss and flexible film
AC 548 Pure acrylic for different applications, suitable as flock adhesive or leather basecoat