Water-based Polyurethane and Acrylate Dispersions
for pressure sensitive adhesives and film coatings

Product name

ALBERDINGK® Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

AC 75011* Suitable for removable adhesives for protective foils and tapes
AC 75013 For removable applications, anti-slip coatings, APEO-free, VA-free
AC 75022 High solids and high tack, for paper and envelope adhesives, APEO-free, VA-free
AC 75032 Tapes for roof construction, water resistant, very good adhesion, high tack, APEO-free, VA-free
AC 75063 Very high peel strength, APEO-free, VA-free
AC 75066 Very high cohesion, APEO-free, VA-free
AC 75070 High tack and very high peel strength, good adhesion to different substrates, for construction and automotive, APEO-free
AC 75132 Excellent waterproofness, low whitening, APEO-free, VA-free
AC 75222 For automotive applications with high cohesion and heat resistance, APEO-free, VA-free, also available with changed preservation for skin contact
AC 75241 For automotive applications with high cohesion and heat resistance, APEO-free

ALBERDINGK® Additives for Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

AC 2511 Hard acrylic dispersion, increases cohesion at levels of 3 – 5%, APEO-free
AC 5503 Self-crosslinking acrylate, increases cohesion, APEO-free

ALBERDINGK® Heat Activating Adhesives

AC 4600* Heat-sealable adhesives/coatings on BOPP foils, primed with ALBERDINGK U 4000 VP, also suitable for heat sealable overprint varnishes on OPP foils
AC 548 Heat-reactive, block-free acrylate adhesive with MFFT 13 °C, for lamination applications, combination partner for PU's
AC 5503 Self-crosslinking acrylate, very low yellowing, high transparency, for lamination applications, APEO-free
U 216* Polyester-PU for lamination applications, very soft, good hydrolysis resistance
U 3251 Heat-reactive PU dispersion for lamination applications
U 400 N Polyether-PU for lamination applications, adhesion primer, high hydrolysis resistance
U 4101 Soft polyether-PU with very good adhesion to different substrates, high hydrolysis resistance


U 4000 Adhesion primer for plastic substrates, especially for corona treated BOPP foils
U 4040* Adhesion primer, high cohesion, high hydrolysis resistance, heat activating

ALBERDINGK® Speciality Products

AC 2570 For hobby glue (neutralized with ammonia), washable
AC 3640* For overprint varnishes with very high gloss and blocking restistance, good resolubility
AC 75874 Suitable for producing physiological harmless coating wax for hard cured sausages
AS 2040 For flexible sealants and screeds, very good cement- and bitumen- compatibility
VA 7500 Coatings for hard cheese, due to the monomer composition suitable for all applications which require alkali resolubility

ALBERDINGK® Aliphatic Inherent Matt Polyurethanes

PUR MATT 300* For matt coatings with softfeel haptic, high transparency on dark substrates, overprint-varnishes based on PUR-MATT 300 VP enhance the colour of the print underneath
PUR MATT 340* Modification of PUR-MATT 300 VP for single layer, direct to corona treated BOPP foils, softfeel haptic
PUR MATT 970* For matt coatings with paperfeel haptic, high transparency on dark substrates