Linseed Oil and Castor Oil

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Crude LO
Refined LO
Refined LO Winterized
Refined LO Winterized HQ
Pale Refined LO

ALBERDINGK® Linseed Oil Derivatives

Double Boiled LO
LO Stand Oil from 50-55 to 600 dPa s
Blown Refined LO 3 and 30 dPa s


CO First Special Grade/No.1
CO DIN Quality/Pale Pressed
CO Low Acid 0.2
CO Low Acid 0.7
Albodry CO PU-Quality
Albodry CO Partially Demoistured 1500
Albodry CO Pharma DAB Special
Pharm. CO Virgin Ph. Eur.
Pharm. Refined CO DAB/Ph. Eur.

ALBERDINGK® Castor Oil Derivatives

Blown CO from 17 to 90 dPa s
Dehydrated CO (DCO) (dehydrated)
CO PD (partially dehydrated)
Dehydrated CO Fatty Acid (DCO-FA)
HCO 52, Flakes and Powder
HCO Flakes 81
HCO Flakes 82
12-HSA 52, Flakes and Powder
12-HSA Flakes 81

ALBERDINGK® Specialty Products

Albolith MS C 350 Molecular Sieve Paste
Albothix 82-32 Thixotropic Agent
Albothix 85-32 Thixotropic Agent