Solvent-free Polyurethane/Acrylic Hybrid-Dispersions
for surface coatings

Solvent-free polyurethane/acrylic hybrid dispersions offer the optimum balance of properties from both product classes.

ALBERDINGK BOLEY`s hybrid resins are either tailored combinations of polyurethane and acrylic dispersions or true copolymers.

The innovative copolymer process allows us to consequently follow our company’s strategy of truly solvent free products.

Most of our hybrid resins are self-crosslinking and offer high chemical and mechanical resistances. Thus, they are the ideal choice for high quality floor varnishes with excellent abrasion resistances. Due to their outstanding adhesion properties they are also suitable for various plastic coatings.

Solvent-free hybrid resins of ALBERDINGK BOLEY, manufactured with the latest solvent-free production methods offer the perfect balance of properties - also for your next coating!