Solvent-free UV-curable Dispersions
for surface coatings

LUX, in our case stands for radiation-curing, aqueous polyurethane and acrylate dispersions. These products allow our customers to make high-quality industrial coatings that cure exhibit high resistance right after curing, and contain very low concentrations of volatile substances.
The use of reactive thinners can be dispensed with. Delustering is also very easy, adhesion is improved by low volume shrinkage, and physical drying also enables reliable coating of complex three-dimensional surfaces prior to radiation curing. Industrial coatings of furniture, parquetry, panels, window frames, plastic articles, glass, paper, metal, cork, and leather thus virtually becomes child’s play.

For Synergistic Effects.
So many new materials are emerging today that coating systems have to be constantly adjusted to yield best results. You can count on our product portfolio to meet all your requirements – it features a full range of compatible copolymers, pure polyurethanes and acrylates that can be flexibly mixed with one another for your application. This saves yourself complex compatibility tests and costs.