Water-based Polymer Dispersions
for architectural paints, coatings and plasters

Waterbased paints and plasters beautify and protect our houses and rooms. ALBERDINGK® polymer emulsions give these paints and plasters excellent cohesion and adhesion to a vast variety of substrates.
In architectural coatings, they ensure durability and high resistance to rainwater. In paints for roofing tiles, they prevent salts contained in the concrete from blooming. They render indoor paints abrasion-resistant and easily cleanable, and in thick coats even able to withstand scouring. Synthetic-resin-based plasters can be supplied ready-to-use, already colored in any desired hue. In systems for covering cracks, they provide the required elasticity at low temperatures. In primers, they stabilize the substrate and assure good adhesion between the substrate and cover coat, or between concrete and tile adhesives or fillers.

Polymer emulsions make it possible to consistently manufacture paint with the same color shade. They impart very good weather resistance and water vapor permeability to wood paints and stains. Fillers can be made highly elastic and waterproof. In adhesives for tiles, carpets, styrofoam, and tapestries, they ensure easy use and good adhesion, even in moist environments. They give flexographic printing inks high gloss and rub resistance.
And all these invaluable attributes are naturally combined with other indispensable properties, such as environmental friendliness, minimal odor, and reliability. Plus, our over thirty years of experience and success motivate us to continue developing these versatile polymer emulsions.