Water-based Polyurethane and Acrylate Dispersions
for pressure sensitive adhesives and film coatings

Since 1985 ALBERDINGK BOLEY has been producing a new generation of aqueous binders. We have advanced to become one of the largest producers and specialists in this field – thanks to intensive research and development work, both in polymer synthesis and with an aim to providing better support for our customers’ applications.
Due to the growing demand for special solutions in the field of adhesives our technical service for adhesives came into being in 1998. The aqueous polyurethane and acrylate dispersions are applied mainly in the fields of PSA-adhesives (tapes), OPP-foil lamination and temperature activated adhesives.
Whenever a new problem crops up, we team up with the customer to solve it!

For Synergistic Effects.
So many new materials are emerging today that coating systems have to be constantly adjusted to yield best results.
You can count on our product portfolio to meet all your requirements – it features a full range of compatible copolymers, pure polyurethanes and acrylates that can be flexibly mixed with one another for your application. This saves yourself complex compatibility tests and costs.