ALBERDINGK AC 3660. AC 3630 and AC 3635

New. Transparent. New transparent acrylics for enhanced surface coatings.


Innovative. Soft as velvet. For luxury goods and packages. Wooden floor super-matt with a natural look-alike.

ALBERDINGK® AS 2084: For wall paints free of preserving agents.

Harmless for food stuffs. Wall paints on basis of ALBERDINGK® AS 2084 get a wet abrasion level of 2. The Alberdingker reports about our latest innovation.

ALBODUR® 904: a VOC-free Polyole based on renewable resources

For elastic PU-coatings even at ice-cold temperatures. Our new Polyol ALBODUR® 904 can be used especially for car park deck coatings, sealings or other flooring solutions.

For ultra scratch resistant hard coatings: ALBERDINGK® LUX 220

Brandnew, with a broad compatibility: Due to the polymer design of ALBERDINGK® LUX 220, it is possible to produce ultra scratch resistant hard coatings on many kind of substrates like wood, plastics, PVC, etc.

From now on: Safety Data Sheets with GHS-labelling

Alberdingk Boley GmbH will switch the Satefy Data Sheets of all products to the GHS-labelling during the next months according to the CLP-Regulation [Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008].

ALBERDINGK® AC 3630. Almost as clear as water.

The latest issue of THE ALBERDINGKER informs about our brandnew product innovation: ALBERDINGK® AC 3630 fits to every coating you can think of! The translucent, self-cross linking dispersion was developed to fulfill the demands...

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