For ultra scratch resistant hard coatings: ALBERDINGK® LUX 220

Makes substrates extremely resistant: ALBERDINGK® LUX 220

For ultra scratch resistant hard coatings: 

We are proud to present a new UV curing polyurethane dispersion for high end finishes. ALBERDINGK® LUX 220 is a novel UV curing polyurethane dispersion with very high molecular weight. It allows to produce transparent or pigmented coatings with excellent physical drying and mechanical resistance prior to UV cure. Thanks to it's very high degree of UV functionality, ALBERDINGK® LUX 220 offers an excellent cure response which leads to polymer films with superior chemical resistances (also in pigmented coating systems). Due to the polymer design it is possible to produce ultra scratch resistant hard coatings on many kind of substrates like wood, plastics, PVC, etc. The broad compatibility of ALBERDINGK® LUX 220 allows to use it in combination with other ALBERDINGK acrylic or polyurethane dispersions. 

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