Review - ALBERDINGK® Highlights at the ECS 2023

Alberdingk Boley presented many innovations at the European Coatings Show 2023.
Learn more about our highlights such as biobased products, (PU) adhesives, products from the field of paper applications as well as new developments in the area of applications for building and construction.

Check out our product presentations:
Dr. Benjamin Souharce, Head of Sales – Architectural Dispersions: Silanated waterbased dispersions – new Alberdingk products for construction applications
Markus Dimmers, Head of Technical Marketing Dispersions: Renewable resource-based polymers for wood, metal and architectural coatings
Martina Wienke, Technical Marketing Dispersions: Waterbased polymers for food packaging - innovative barrier solutions against water, moisture and fat

Dispersions for packaging (paper and plastics), primer for films


Adhesives for packaging, heat activated adhesives and much more


Architectural coatings and paints, cement-free tile adhesive, primer, waterproofing

Architectural bio

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