Green electricity

Alberdingk Boley relies on green electricity. The company recently signed a contract that ensures the purchase of 'green electricity' for the next few years. 'We are developping and manufacturing environmentally friendly products. Sustainability accompanies us in daily life. The conversion to eco-electricity complements our far-reaching measures for environmental protection' says Managing Director Thomas Hackenberg, in a nutshell. 'We think for the generation of tomorrow and act accordingly in the here and now - not only in daily business, also privately' adds the father of three children. The green electricity is obtained from hydrogen. It will also flow into the four e-charging stations that will soon be newly erected in the parking lot of the Center for Research and Development at Krefeld, Germany, where the headquarter of the company is located.

The fact that the green electricity is generated from hydrogen goes perfectly with the environmentally friendly binders brand ALBERDINGK®. These are made on the basis of water. But that's just a coincidence. The main thing is green!