ALBERDINGK Dispersions in theatre

We are used to get enquiries from customers all over the world. Environmentally friendly ALBERDINGK binders are used in all areas of life, that's true. Sometimes, we get demands for unusual applications. So an inquiry from Staatstheater Oldenburg reached us, they would like to use Alberdingk® AC 75067 for their scenery arrangement.

To the beautiful view with Alberdingk Boley

'Zur schönen Aussicht', the name of the theatre play means 'to the beautiful view'. We believe the title fits perfectly. The original was written by Ödön von Horváth in 1926, the first performance of it was at Graz in 1969. Of course we thought about which part the stage should be designed. With two 190 liter barrels of ALBERDINGK® AC 75067, the scenery designers started to work. The result was outstanding!