Two prices for Alberdingk Resins in China

Awards in China for Alberdingk Resins

2015 ended with a further Award for Alberdingk Resins, this time we got two of it! On the occasion of the 100th anniverary of the famous China Coating Association, the VIP-representants of the Chinese coatings industry were invited to this event. Alberdingk Resins was honoured again as one of the most important companies with a really big influence on the Chinese market. The trend to waterbased coatings is evident. 

'This is a big price for us. It honours us and shows that we are on the same level as much more bigger companies like DOW and BASF', says Dr.  Simon Jonas. A special surprise for him was his personal Award as Entrepreneur who has had a big part on the development of the Chinese coatings industry.