ALBERDINGK® AC 2003: Versatile pure acrylic dispersion for paints and plasters


Alberdingk Boley keeps on expanding its binder portfolio for architectural applications. Launched recently, ALBERDINGK® AC 2003 is a highly versatile pure acrylic emulsion with a low minimum film forming temperature (MFFT) and can be applied in water based mosaic plasters, general synthetic-bound plasters as well as in paints.

Compared to other single-phase binders formulated with an MFFT of approx. 3°C., this new dispersion offers reduced dirt pickup thanks to its lower surface tack. Another major advantage is the superior water resistance of the polymer which enables to formulator to create a paint or plaster with an extremely low whitening effect.

Altogether, ALBERDINGK® AC 2003 offers a universal range of properties and can therefore be used as standard binder serving multiple architectural applications.

Our innovation gets a lot of attention. Also it has been presented by magazins and in the news. Please see the latest report about it in the issue of November/December 2016 of pitture e vernici.

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