ALBERDINGK® AC 2008 and ALBERDINGK® ALBOrapid: Universal on their own, superior when combined

ALBERDINGK® AC 2008: Versatile, high-solids Pure Acrylic dispersion for exterior coatings with good color stability and excellent chalk resistance

Alberdingk Boley has further extended its product portfolio for the architectural application segment. The latest, APEO-free new product development ALBERDINGK® AC 2008, features superior colour retention and chalk resistance. The waterbased pure acrylic polymer has a minimum film forming temperature of approximately 0 °C. and therefore lends itself to the formulation of low or non-VOC containing systems. Thanks to the high solids content of approximately 59 %, it allows the formulator good scope and latitude when formulating facade paints and plasters. Furthermore, the binder exhibits reduced efflorescence behaviour, when applied on mineral substrates.

Another major feature of the dispersion is the specifically modified stabilization system used during synthesis of ALBERDINGK® AC 2008, which has been tailor-designed to be combined with the ALBOrapid technology. Thanks to this modular approach, the binders’ end use applications are significantly broadened. ALBERDINGK® AC 2008 can be used as a standard base resin for architectural applications throughout the whole year, but also can be combined with the coagulation polymer ALBOrapid for faster surface tack development under marginal temperature conditions. Due to the polymer design and synergetic combination of these two binders, it is finally possible to combine the advantages of a flexible, cost-effective universal base dispersion with the dedicated performance profile of a specialty polymer.


ALBERDINGK® ALBOrapid 22: Novel coagulation polymer for improved early rain resistance in waterbased coating systems

Alberdingk Boley is pleased to launch a new coagulation polymer, which can be added to existing water-based systems allowing faster film formation in resin-bound plasters, paints and coating systems. ALBOrapid 22 is an APEO-free, aqueous polyacrylate solution and accelerates the film surface drying in paints, plasters and other kind of coatings, especially at marginal conditions with low temperatures and high relative humidity (5 °C – 10 °C).

The ALBOrapid technology clearly shows the impact on performance, and what can be achieved when a synergistic approach is taken and the major components of a system are harmonized. It was the intention of the R&D product development, to combine a high efficiency of the coagulation polymer, whilst ensuring good stability of the total system. As a result of which, the complementary products ALBERDINGK® AC 2008 and ALBOrapid 22 are being launched to market. Both grades offer superior performance and versatility either when used on their own or in combination with each other.

By adding ALBOrapid to existing systems based on other waterbased resins, it is of course also possible to modify/adjust the final properties of the total system.

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