Solvent-free Polyurethane Dispersions
for surface coatings

Waterborne polyurethane dispersions have been used in coatings for more than a decade. Most of these PUDs or copolymers are produced by using the prepolymer ionomer process which requires the use of solvents. As Alberdingk Boley is aware of its responsibility we shall in future offer environment-friendly alternatives, some of which are based on renewable resources (castor, linseed and soy oil).

Therefore we have set ourselves the target of transforming all of our commercially available polyurethane dispersions into a solvent-free form. This process began in 2003 with R&D activities and lead to the first industrial productions in 2004. At the same time we've been working not only on the transformation but also on the consequent upgrading of our active portfolio for fulfilling all requirements in the future.

We have successfully continued this process in 2005 and are nowadays able to look at a new generation of solvent-free polyurethane dispersions which are produced using the newest production techniques and innovatively continue the tradition of high-quality products made by ALBERDINGK BOLEY. We have therefore strengthened our position as a major supplier of environment-friendly raw materials for coatings - always being one step ahead.

CUR is an acronym that stands for „castor urethane emulsions“. Castor oil is a valuable, renewable raw material that has long been used in many conventional paint binders. In a research project supported by the EU, we have succeeded in modifying castor oil so it can also be used to make aqueous polyurethane emulsions. We were awarded a patent for this process in 1999.